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Are you tired of finding the same products everywhere?
Would you like to wear something comfortable, durable and unique?

You are in the right place!

How D-Underwear started?

We were searching for comfortable and durable men’s underwear, but we couldn’t.
Everywhere the same is sold, only the logo changes…
We examined, what we needed to do it on our own?

It wasn’t easy, but we found a Hungarian-made fabric, with which we could already start, and from here our idea soon outgrew itself.

Hungarian product, small volume production

Our goal is not to produce a lot,
but produce something that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Our raw materials - the fabric and the rubber - are both made in Hungary.
Our dressmakers prepare the underwear on site, with care.

Let me see your products

Why are our products so good?

The underwear is good if you don’t even notice you’re wearing it.

Our secret is in our fabric. It is thin, breathable, flexible enough.
It has a unique cool touch. It is available in vivid colors,
which don’t lose color after even many washes.

What guarantees that it’s worth to buy?

Most of our customers purchases again in 1 month.
And 40% purchases third time in 3 months.
I think it speaks of itself!

Family business with lots and lots of enthusiasm

We are not a big company with unlimited financial background and a separate marketing department.
But we want to create something that can bring joy to others.
Thus, we design our products with great care. We are constantly expanding our product range,
for which we welcome your feedback.

Tündi and Gábor

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